MOVE: Move Checklist

#MOVE Checklist was shared New Year’s Day at The WORD Church to kick off our January WORD Series, #MOVE! This message identifies 6 specific “E’s” that should be addressed before moving into this New Year to guarantee this year is not a repeat of year’s past. If adhered to, this year will be more than […]

Understanding Mary’s Christmas

We casually say ‘Merry’ Christmas but in some cases, it really isn’t merry. By definition the word ‘merry’ means to be cheerful, to be happy, to have joy, but if the suicide rate doubles during the Holiday Season, are we really ‘merry’ during Christmas time? This message, ‘Understanding Mary’s Christmas’ was shared at The WORD […]


According to Genesis the first words recorded were ‘Let there BE’! From these 3 powerful words everything that exists came into existence! The greatest to come into existence was mankind! We were created unique, special, set apart, but in a culture driven on what we can ‘Have’, some have forgotten about who we were created […]

iPray: Can You Hear Me Now?

Have you ever felt like during prayer you were doing all of the talking and God was silent? I know I’ve felt that way a time or twelve! Rest assured God is listening and even more so He’s SPEAKING! Listen to this message ‘Can You Hear Me NOW?’ and identity if God is speaking, how […]