About Us

The Word Church is a progressing church and we are excited that you are considering visiting with us in person. We know sometimes visiting a church for the first time can be quite scary. Well, we hope through this website we can ease any fears you may have so that when you visit you can feel right at home. Please take a moment and browse our website to find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about The Word Church and what to expect when you visit.

Imagine a church where:

Everything is designed to help you and your family on your journey with God and in your everyday life. Where you can come as you are, grow, learn and connect with others just like you. Where you can seek and find answers to life’s most difficult questions. Where you can dress casual, the message is real and relevant and where everything is done with you in mind. Well, let us introduce to The Word Church.

Please read in the About Us section below to learn more about why we are called “A Church designed with YOU in mind”.

About Us

The Word Church is a church designed with YOU in mind. We are an eclectic community of people and their stories. Vibrant and progressing, this Christian Church exists to give glory to God in Jesus Christ in everything we do. Our main priority is to know God and make Him known. To that end, we place emphasis on the study of God’s Word and the proclamation of the gospel message—that Jesus Christ died to save us from our sins and He offers us the free gift of eternal life, but in a way that even a baby can understand the message. We see ourselves as a center for Christian renewal in the lives of everyone we come in contact with and have made it our personal priority to walk alongside all who come as they grow and mature into healthy and productive followers of Christ.

The Word Church is an awesome contemporary worship center where hundreds of attendees call home. We are a church on the rise that exists to provide an environment where people can discover and develop a passion for a true relationship with God. Combined with inspirational worship arts, relatable messages and an exciting kidz church, we are sure that you or your family won’t be bored being engaged in this casual, innovative worship experience! Though we are innovative and contemporary we believe in the foundation of being spirit filled and spirit led. We don’t do anything unless the Spirit of God is with us.

We are a giving church! We live to give through our many outreach projects and are known in our community and abroad for our giving culture!

Top Ten Reasons To Visit & Belong to The Word Church…

  1. Everyone is welcome
  2. We are waiting to serve you
  3. We are taught biblical answers for everyday issues
  4. Uplifting, Encouraging & Exciting Worship Arts
  5. We guarantee you won’t feel out of place
  6. Relaxed & Loving Atmosphere
  7. Kid Friendly—Your kids will love it!
  8. Be a part of a church that engages in outreach
  9. Ministries & Activities for Everyone in your family
  10. Connect with others just like you!
Our Story

In 2006, Pastor Johnson began meeting and sharing the Word of God with 8 family members, who quickly embraced the vision of a unique and destined church…and our ministry was born. Since the journey began, our growth has transitioned us from meeting once a week in a small bible study setting and enduring great challenges to currently offering several worship services, seeing hundreds over the weekend, engaging in outreach campaigns and support opportunities happening each week.

Growth was steady as we were meeting in a small chapel for a few years, but in January 2010 God begin to speak to Pastor Johnson concerning the direction of His call, ministry, outreach and preaching style. At that time the church was named Deliverance Temple Ministries and with the shift of His call came a new name for our Church, it would now be known as The Word Church.  Pastor Johnson threw out tradition and embraced the innovative out the box ministry God placed in his heart. These changes brought about a new mindset that now enables us to reach more people despite where they come from, what they are currently facing or their background. Through this obedience God has favored us to grow and enlarged our territory to walk through the doors of a new location in August 2010 with a solid 40 partners. The space was transformed into our vision that included a bookstore, conference room, 2 children’s classrooms and what we like to call God’s theater that held about 80+ seats. From then until now, the Word has spread and God has escalated our growth beyond comparison. In July 2012 we were blessed to unveil the expansion of our sanctuary to seat 180 seats and acquired another 3000 sq. ft. of space next door to encompass Kidz World, a multi-functional area for our kids ministry and overall church. We continued to grow and in March of 2013, to embrace the increase God is sending our way we had no other choice but to undergo another renovation in which we, joined our two buildings, expanded the sanctuary to now seat nearly 250 seats, created classrooms, and begin implementing plans to open WORD+MART, an outreach food pantry. In late August of 2013 to help kick off the re-launch of our IMPACT TEENS we divided WORD+MART to create a gathering place for our teens and our pantry is now open to serve our community. In 8 years we have grown from 40 partners to over 800 and we are continuously growing. God has favored us thus far and we can’t wait to see what He does next!

Pastor Johnson’s vision is creative, innovative and out the box and God is using the partners of The Word Church to impact many with this down to earth captivating style of ministry. We are committed to being God’s unique loving representatives here on earth. We have been privileged to affect thousands of lives in our area and throughout the city of Houston through our outreach programs and community services.

God gave us a heart for people of all races, backgrounds and walks of life. We strive to impact our communities, our city and as far as we are favored to reach.  We have experienced tremendous growth and unique influence, God has favored us thus far and we can’t wait to see what He does next!

Vision, Mission & Focus


Our Vision is 4G and the ministries of TWC are designed to accomplish the vision in 4 main areas:


Gather with others for a contemporary worship experience every week to celebrate an Awesome God. Gather through fellowships, events & activities to build solid relationships that will motivate you to be all God has called you to be.


Growth is essential to your well-being. Life Transformation happens as you begin to grow from learning biblical principles for your everyday life.


Giving to God + Giving to Others = Giving back to yourself.


Go and actively get involved in the lives of others sharing God’s love, the good news of Jesus Christ and your experience at The Word Church.


Our mission here at The Word Church is three-fold. We are on a mission to:

  1. Continue to be a biblical ministry of excellence, designed to Evangelize, Edify and Equip the whole person.
  2. Stand to serve our surroundings and reach as many as possible for Jesus Christ! Therefore, The Word Church strives to be compassionate in our love, excellent in our service, holy in our living, and reverent in our worship.
  3. Pursue with passion, being a hand that gives and meets the needs of God’s people.


Whats Important?

At The Word Church our focus is simple, clear and intentional…

  • To Know God and Make Him Known
  • To be God’s heart and hands here in the earth through outreach
  • To help you discover your full potential in Christ,
  • To assist develop your gifts through relevant teaching, as well as engaging fellowship opportunities with other believers, and…
  • To provide opportunities to deploy your gifts to impact your family, church family, community and surroundings.
Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

No matter what your personal style, you’ll be comfortable at The Word Church. If you prefer dressy, business, or casual attire, chances are there will be others dressed much like you no matter what you wear. Sure, Sunday mornings are a time when many prefer to dress up a bit, but even if jeans are more your style, you’ll be right at home with us. It is truly a relaxed atmosphere. We work hard to provide an environment where you can be comfortable as you worship the Lord and enjoy the service. God as well as The Word Church care more about your heart than the clothes you wear.

Where do I park?

TWC is surrounded by easily accessible parking spaces with easy access to the entrance of the building. We have handicap accessible parking with a wheelchair accessible ramp.

Is there anyone to greet me and show me where to go?

Absolutely! We would like to personally greet you and help you and your family find your way on your first visit. As you enter into the church, there is a Guest Services Center in the foyer and our greeters are eagerly awaiting your arrival. You will be greeted with a warm smile and heartfelt welcome. If it is your first time visiting with us please be sure to let Guest Services know so that you can retrieve your welcome packet. You will then be shown where everything is so that you can navigate through the building without any complications.

Is there anything for my Child(ren) while I’m in service?

There sure is!!! Never has learning about God been so fun and appealing to kids. Our KIDZ WORLD classes offer exciting and interactive biblical lessons and activities designed by our team of qualified children’s leaders just for kids. The curriculum is designed to be both fun and educational while keeping them engaged and enthused. Warning: Some children have been known not to want to leave 🙂 We accept ages 6months-12years.

We also have specific Sundays where our Amplify Teens meet in their own setting. This exciting, energetic experience is a great place for students to connect with others their age, talk about God’s Word, have fun, and learn truth to be equipped for a purposeful life in Jesus Christ.

What is the service like?

Well, it’s hard to explain because some things are only meant to be experienced. But what we can say is that our worship arts department is energetic and passionate about worship whether through song, dance or drama. This fresh style provides a meaningful way to engage in praise and adoration, you’ll certainly be able to relate. Pastor Johnson delivers powerful messages that designed to address real everyday issues we all face and how to handle them with proven principles from the Bible. We guarantee based on hundreds of testimonies that you will leave refreshed and ready to take on the week with new vitality and focus!

How long is the service?

Our services usually last between 90 – 105 minutes, which equates to about 1hr 30 mins – 1hr 45mins. But we guarantee you won’t even pay attention to the time because from start to finish our service is an attention grabber as it is engaging, uplifting and informative.

I work Sundays do you have online streaming of your service?

We do understand that there are times people are not able to make it to service due to work, traveling, illness, etc. so we made tuning in easy. Just log onto www.twc4me.org and click Watch Live, there you can catch the live service or view previous services. And you are always welcome to join a life group to grow, study and connect with people just like you.

Can I meet the Pastor and His Wife?

Pastor and Lady J would love to meet you! God has blessed us with two humble souls as leaders who have a heart for people and it is evident every week as they stand and greet until the last guest is gone. They are available in the commons area in the foyer after worship every Sunday to personally greet you as you before you leave the building. Please take a moment to stop by and say hello.

Meet Pastor J

Ja’Mail Johnson respectfully known as Pastor J, is the Founding and Lead Pastor of The Word Church in North Houston. After answering the call to Pastor in 2006, he has evolved from just doing church to embracing a Kingdom driven movement that’s able to touch everyone from all walks of life and through this, faith and obedience The Word Church is moving faster than anyone could have ever imagined.

Pastor Johnson, has accumulated accolades for 25 years of preaching and teaching. Yes that’s right, Pastor J stood in a pulpit and preached his first sermon at the age of 9. With a great anointing and unction by God, his out the box thinking has garnered him several honors and propelled him as a well sought after Minister, Leader & Trainer, allowing him to transcend cultural and denominational barriers. He has been featured in several newspaper circulars in the city of Houston including the Houston Chronicle, African News & D-Mars. As well as been featured on Daystar, Channels KHOU11, ABC13 and FOX26 news stations, Urban Houston Network, Houston Media Source and In The Sanctuary TV and online broadcast. He has been recognized by our city officials, U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, State Representative Sefronia Thompson, & Mayor Anise Parker for commitment to his call, work, partnership and outreach throughout the city of Houston.

With years of corporate management experience, it is evident that his mind for forward progression in wisdom and growth is ever increasing and being utilized for the good of the Kingdom.  Pastor Johnson is a gifted communicator, teacher and leader who speaks with clarity, the truths of God’s Word. Through his network Kingdom Momentum, he is a mentor and pastor to other pastors and leaders who are seeking insight into structure and organization in the church, leadership, church growth, community outreach and future visualizations of the times to come. As he leads The Word Church and preaches to many people from all walks of life, he’s creative and strategic in every move he makes, thus meeting the needs of the many hundreds who come and log on to hear the Word each week.

One of his main focuses is teaching real life experiences and biblical principles in a common language in which his unique delivery method captures the attention of everyone, no matter the age or background.

With a cutting edge voice for today’s church and wisdom beyond his years, he teaches how Gods Kingdom is built and has propelled many into a new mindset of living a life for Christ and doing Ministry…the Bible way.

Pastor J is forever talking about and admiring the love of his life who stands with him in ministry, his wife Natasha and they have two sons JayeLon & Adonis. You can see and hear more from Pastor Johnson by viewing The Word Church’s Facebook page, downloading The Word Church app, connecting with him on Facebook or by viewing the Encore messages by clicking the watch live button.

Service Times/Directions

We want to take a moment to invite you to be a part our growing fellowship of Kingdom men and women here at The Word Church. It is our heart to serve you and help prepare and position you for a life of tremendous blessing and growth. You are precious to us and our doors are always open to you.

We have one weekly service where we all come together for corporate worship and a host of Life groups for you to get conneccted to.

  • Sunday Mornings: 9:03A & 11:13A
  • Life Groups: Visit our Life Groups page on our website to get plugged in today.

Check out our current events section for other outings, services or events we have going on.

So why do our service times end with a 3?

We get this question all the time. Our services end with a 3 because this reminds us that although we may be having a service or event, in everything we do it is rendered unto God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit. One purpose for the One true God!

Services are held at: M.O. Campbell Center 1865 Aldine Bender Rd. Houston, TX 77032   For Directions click here.

What We Believe

The Holy Bible

I Timothy 3:16; I Corinthians 2:13

We believe in the plenary-verbal inspiration of the accepted canon of the Scriptures as originally given and that they are infallibly and uniquely authoritative and free from error of any sort in all matters with which they deal, including scientific and historical as well as moral and theological.

God, The Father

Matthew 28:19; II Corinthians 13-14

We believe in the Eternal Godhead who has revealed Himself as ONE God existing in THREE persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; distinguishable but indivisible.

The Lord Jesus Christ

Luke 1:26-35; John 1:18; Isaiah 7:14; 9:16

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of men, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, very God and very man.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a Person of the Trinity. When Jesus ascended to the Father, He promised His disciples “another Helper,” the Holy Spirit (see John 14:16–17). In Greek, the word another means, “another of the same kind.” Jesus promised a supernatural Helper just like Him.

Christ’s Death, Resurrection and Bodily Ascension

I Corinthians 15: 14; Romans 4:25

We believe Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day, and personally appeared to His disciples.

Christ’s Second Coming

Matt. 24:44; John 14:1 – 3

The Bible teaches the return of the Lord Jesus Christ for those who believe in Him.

Salvation By Grace Through Faith

Ephesians 2:8-9; Hebrews 9:12,22; Romans 5:11

We believe in the salvation of sinners by grace, through repentance and faith in the perfect and sufficient work of the cross of Calvary by which we obtain remission of sins.

Water Baptism

Matthew 28; 19; Acts 2:34-36; 19:1-6

We believe in the necessity of water baptism by immersion in the name of the Eternal Godhead in order to fulfill the command of Christ.

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-4; 8:14, 17; 10:44-46; Galatians 3:14-15

We believe in the baptism of the Holy Sprit as an experience subsequent to salvation.


We believe in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit as enumerated in I Corinthians 12-14, and as manifested in the Early Church.


Ephesians 5:18; I Corinthians 6:14; 7:1

We believe in the Spirit-filled life, a life of separation from the world and perfecting holiness in the fear of God as an expression of Christian faith.


Acts 4:30; Romans 8:11; I Corinthians 12:9; James 5:1

We believe in the healing of the body by Divine Power, or Divine healing in its varied aspects as practiced in the Early Church.


I Corinthians 11:28-32

We believe in the Table of the Lord, commonly called Communion or the Lord’s Supper, for believers.


Mark 9:43-58; II Thessalonians 1:9; Revelation 20:10-15

We believe in eternal life for believers (John 5:24; 3:16) and eternal punishment for unbelievers.


Matthew 25:41; Revelation 20:10-15

We believe in the reality and personality of Satan and eternal judgment of Satan and his angels.


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