Life Groups

One of our values here at The Word Church is to build healthy relationships and we believe it is important for everyone to discover a place where they can connect and grow. We were never created to “do life” alone and Life Groups exist for individuals to build and develop as a community, which is an important part of maintaining a healthy Christian walk.

Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

In the words of our Worship Leader, Shamira. “Harvey hit our building but it didn’t hit our church.” We are stronger than ever, however, the after effect shifted us in numerous ways. Though we gained bigger space at Dekaney High School we lost the opportunity to have our traditional mid-week service. But this is where Life Groups come in.

We believe Life Groups are one of the best places to foster significant relationships and growth with God and each other. They provide a great way to connect with a smaller group of people that are brought together by topics/interests, activities, and fellowship. Life Groups are a safe place to be known, encouraged, celebrated, and challenged. The format and atmosphere of each Life Group will be different depending on the leaders and the people in the group, but they all exist to help people connect with each other and with God.

No matter your age or interest, whether you are looking for an accountability group, Bible study, learning Christian basics, financial wisdom and more– In 2018 there will be a group that’s perfect for you!  See the exciting new Life Groups set to launch this February listed below and consider selecting the one that fits you the best!  We can’t wait to do LIFE with you!


Continued Christian Education Life Group: What's In Your Bible?

What’s In Your Bible?                               Pastor J, Life Group Leader                          Wednesdays @ 7:13 PM              (Beginning Wednesday, February 21)

The most difficult questions in life are answered in the Bible. How to have a successful marriage, how to be a great parent, how to forgive, even how to select friends are all found in the Bible. Matter of fact, the key to total life transformation is found, you guessed it, in your Bible. However, the thought of reading the Bible let alone studying the Bible can be a daunting task for new believer as well as a “seasoned” believer. In this simple, hands on 6-week Life Group, Pastor J aims to offer the attendee 6 unique yet equally effective Bible study methods to help you explore biblical truths, apply them to your life, and grow as a disciple. “What’s In Your Bible” will challenge you to develop a customized, personal approach to exploring and studying the riches of God’s Word for yourself.

If you’re ready to become more like Christ and take your relationship with Him to a deeper level, CLICK HERE and register for “What’s In Your Bible”.


The REAL Women's Ministry Life Group: STRONGER


STRONGER:  Finding Hope in Fragile Places                                                                                      Life Group A: Sundays @ 9:00 AM   (Beginning Sunday, February 18)                                                     Life Group B: Saturdays @ 11:00 AM  (Beginning Saturday, February 24)

Through biblical teaching and REAL life application, this study teaches that believers do not have to live in weakness. God is stronger than every struggle you will ever face. Today, because of Christ, you can live stronger. This study will guide women into biblical truth through exposition and story, so they live confident, transformed, Christ-radiating lives marked by His strength.

Through accurate Biblical teaching, REAL life observation, and everyday application, Stronger will guide participants to:

  • Tackle everyday struggles empowered with a biblical understanding of God’s riches and His love
  • Overcome spiritual immaturity through Christ-centered teaching that produces growth and change
  • Break life-long patterns of defeat and despair, refocused on the glorious hope promised to us in Christ
  • Remove paralyzing inner anxiousness and truly live in the peace that surpasses all understanding
  • Put an end to the self-focused distractions of striving, comparison, and performance so that your life will accomplish more for God’s glory
  • Smile at the uncertain future, not because we are stronger, but because Christ in us, is stronger than all our problems

Week 1 – God is stronger than EVERYTHING.
Week 2 – God is stronger than my struggles.
Week 3 – God is stronger than my bad news.
Week 4 – God is stronger than my overwhelming life.
Week 5 – God is stronger than my attitude.
Week 6 – God is stronger than every broken thing in me.

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Iron Men Life Group: Dare To Be Uncommon

Dare To Be UNcommon                                                                                                                 Min. Chris Loft & Min. Maurice Mack, Life Group Leaders                                                           Thursdays @ 7:00 PM (Beginning Thursday, February 22)

Dare To Be Uncommon is designed to help you explore key principles found in Tony Dungy’s book UNcommon™ (Tyndale House Publishers).
Through Scripture, discussions, and activities—plus character-building insights and candid “pep talks” from Tony Dungy—men will be challenged to examine their lives and aspire to a life of true significance. A life of renewed integrity…influence…and faith.

Seven sessions reinforce important life lessons captured in UNcommon.
1. Strengthening Your Core
2. Loving Your Family
3. Lifting Your Friends and Others
4. Your Full Potential
5. A Mission That Matters
6. Influence Over Image
7. Live Your Faith

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Limitless Life Group: #Squad Goals

#SQUAD GOALS                                                                                                                                    Pastor Kyle, Life Group Leader                                                                                                               Saturday: 2/17 & 2/24  |  3/10 & 3/24  @ 7:00 PM

Limitless, our Young Adult Ministry at The Word Church invites you to our 1st Life Group Session of the year titled “Squad Goals”. Your Squad should be a group of individuals with an agreed mindset. Your Squad and you should all strive to become successful and supportive in every aspect of each other’s lives. You and your Squad should be building each other up, encouraging each other, and having real love for each other while all winning together. One “WIN” we all “WIN” #squad goals for life.

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New Believers Life Group: Welcome To The Family

Welcome To The Family                                                                                            Pastor J.J. Simmons, Life Group Leader                                                                     Sundays @ 9:00 AM (Beginning Sunday, February 18)

How wonderful that you have become a Christian by receiving Jesus Christ as your personal Savior! This is the most important decision of your entire life. To see your relationship grow and thrive it is helpful to know the important truths taught in the Bible. We invite you to join other new believers in all stages of life and receive support and encouragement as you nurture and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ in our new 6-weeks Life Group affectionally entitled, “Welcome Home”! It is our desire through “Welcome Home” to offer an intimate teacher led setting to enhance your decision to follow Christ combined with a small group discussion. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot today!


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