Finding a life partner

In other times, finding a life partner — one who will stand by you through thick and thin, who shares your core beliefs and whose side-of-the-bed preference is complementary to your own — seems to be more about “love at first swipe” than “love at first sight.” With the rise of apps and online dating services, there are more technologically advanced options than ever before for finding that special someone. So, how do women, in particular, navigate this new era of dating? What’s their perspective? How do they figure out what apps work best for them? What do they want from an app, (other than potential suitors)? How should they utilize the resources available? We reached out to 10 American women between the ages of 25 and 29 to get their perspective on dating apps, (not only on which they use, but also which work best and why), and to get their advice about their field.

Are there any particular apps or websites that you would recommend so we can visit site? (Over half of the women) mentioned OKCupid as a go-to dating site. This is not surprising, considering OKCupid is widely considered the oldest and most popular dating site in the U.S., (over 35 million monthly users). Some also mentioned Tinder, (16 million users worldwide), Grindr, (over 8 million users), and Hinge, (over 1 million users). However, the apps mentioned most often — Tinder (52%), , and OKCupid (46%) — were apps Tinder and OKCupid have no affiliation with, of course if you find a couple you should also learn who invented sex toys as you probably will use them as well.

Are there any apps or websites that you would recommend? Are there any websites or apps that you personally use that you would recommend? Are there any websites or apps you would recommend for looking specifically for friends? If so, which? What should a user do to maximize their chances of finding a date or partner?• “Use multiple apps” – Half (50%) of the women recommended using multiple apps.

The advice echoed similar sentiments from Tinder — “Choose one, use Tinder, don’t get addicted to it, and switch when you’ve run out of new people”. Other women suggested using other dating apps as filters. In addition to using apps from Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, or apps to which Tinder provides in-app functionality (e.g., Tinder Boost), some suggested using specific apps to attract users that YOU are more interested in. How should a user utilize various resources/features (e.g., direct messages, ) on a dating app?• “Be nice” – Of the women surveyed, two out of three (67%) felt that it was important to be polite, courteous and friendly at all times when using an app. Another woman recommended keeping online dating communication personal. ”


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